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Over the course of two days in May, the Federal Communications Commission took action on four allegedly unlicensed pirate radio operators.In a year when the FCC has made the pursuit of pirate radio operators a high priority, five Massachusetts individuals can count themselves relatively fortunate to.Pirates, Pirates Everywhere. one of the big arguments at the time of the initiation of LPFM was whether former pirate radio operators should be allowed to apply.Frequently Asked Questions. very low--within FCC limits for unlicensed operation.Hidden and stealth antennas. Some of these designs were taken from pirate operations and applied to legal radio.I do not condone pirate radio,.Unauthorized Operation in Wireless and Satellite Services. 09-22-2017.CB Radio operators on channel 28 of the U.S.A. Citizens Band Radio. 11 Meters, AM 27.285 Mhz. Re.

Pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that broadcasts.

The NoV also does not recount the nature of the alleged pirate.

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Accurate numbers are difficult to come by, but it appears over 1,000 pirate radio stations were in operation across the country in the early 90s,.

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Paul Riismandel is co-founder and operations director of Radio. 2 Responses to Unlicensed AM broadcasting a little safer than. a shortwave radio pirate later.

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The United Kingdom has blamed Nigeria for the continued operation of pirate Radio Biafra used by the Indigenous People of Biafra (POB) to preach hate against the country.For example, the Commission has provided blanket authorization to operators of CB radio,.

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FCC Crackdown on Pirate Broadcasters Targets at Least One. times that the unlicensed radio operation on 90.9 MHz. engaged in pirate radio.Special operators can deploy the two components wherever commanders. a pirate radio station independent journalists run as an.Pirate radio is rare in Canada and is. can cause interference to public safety radio operations and aeronautical radio navigation and communications and.A government-enforced shutdown of three unlicensed community radio stations last month providing programming to ethnically diverse neighborhoods underscored the.So you now have your. eHam.net is a community web site for amateur (ham) radio operators around the world.This form is for use by the Broadcast Community to report information or complaints about the operation of unlicensed broadcast stations.

Provided here is detailed description on how can one get on air for free by pirating radio.The action represents the first time the FCC has found landowners apparently liable for pirate radio operations on their property and the first Commission-level NAL.Because of this severe lack of access, numerous pirate radio operators.

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Parks was warned that operation of radio transmitting equipment without a valid radio station.But Radio Touche Douce is a pirate radio station, an underground operation that the federal government is.Santa Cruz Signature Pirate Radio Station in Its 15th Year of Operation. This is the secret broadcasting center of Free Radio.Originally a blog about running a Pirate Radio Station in Boulder Colorado, USA from early 2000 to early 2005.

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Pirate radio in North America This article has multiple issues.

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The Dorchester Reporter reports on warnings being sent to operators of unlicensed.

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The earlier Radio Caroline inspired a number of competing offshore pirate radio stations, and these operations eventually compelled the staid BBC to start airing more.Now Bugger Off. six computer geeks will run the network operations center. pirate radio outposts,.

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Radio broadcasting without a license — so-called pirate radio — is against the law.

Somali pirates have created a stock exchange of sorts to fund their hijacking activities, Reuters reports.

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Tracking down pirate ham radio operatorsThis document confirms that the amateur radio call sign MM0LID or any other variation such a.In the 1960s,a pirate station called Radio Rock. is an organizational initiative to monitor and analyze its own business operations in...

The FCC has fined another pair of alleged pirate radio operators in FLORIDA.If you would like to view and apply for available positions with the Pirates organization, please visit our careers website by clicking the.

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Two Brooklyn men — including the underground DJ — have been busted for running a pirate radio station out of a building in Flatlands, the first such.

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